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General Pre-sales Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is A VPN service connection legal?

Answer: Yes, a VPN Service is legal for corporate and personal use in the majority of countries with the exception of Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. If you're in a country or at a University and being censored a VPN Service Account will set you free.

Question: Can I login multiple computers at the same time with one VPN account?

Answer: You can login one computer at a time with one VPN service account connection. You can install the OpenVPN software on multiple computers but only one can be connected at a time. If you want to connect multiple computers with one VPN service account a OpenVPN compatible router can be configured to connect with one of SecureHost VPN's gateway servers then all your network computers behind your LAN gateway router will be connected in one VPN tunnel.

Question: Can I use my VPN service account on any Wi-Fi Hotspot or Wi-Fi connection?

Answer: Yes, You can still use your VPN service account to connect to our VPN Gateway Servers on any wireless or wired Internet connection.

Question: Which VPN protocol should I use? OpenVPN or PPTP

Answer: For the highest security and privacy you should use OpenVPN. PPTP is less secure than OpenVPN.

Question: Do I have to open any ports on my network in order to use your VPN?

Answer: With our VPN Service Account no ports are required to be opened on your computer or network.


Question: Can I leave my firewall on with your VPN Service connection?

Answer: Yes you can. Both a computer or gateway router firewall on your network can be left on.

Question: Is a anti-virus program still required on my computer with a VPN Service connection?

Answer: Yes, Although your data is encrypted within the VPN tunnel Anti-Virus software is still a requirement on your computer.

Question: Is it ok to view Adult web sites while using my VPN service account?

Answer: Yes, web sites with adult content are not illegal. Our VPN service is to protect your privacy and not to censor or ban any legal Internet content. But WE DO NOT condone or promote criminal activities of any sort while using our VPN service. For more information please read SecureHost VPN's Privacy Policy & Terms of our VPN Service.



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